Muse – “Stockholm Syndrome” Groove And Fill Breakdown – Drum Lesson

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Muse’s “Stockholm Syndrome” has a driving opening fill and a groovy tom groove during the verse – both of which will be broken down by Dave Atkinson in today’s lesson! Try applying these two patterns to your other favorite rock tunes as well!

Hopefully very helpful in your learning of my opinion of the ‘drumming’ & ins-and-outs of ZZ Top’s LA GRANGE, from their 1973 album TRES HOMBRES.
The crux of my opinion of the original 1973 recording of the song’s stellarly-played groove, is based a comparison of live recorded performances that you can easily find here on youtube:
-a Rockplast performance 79-80?
-any early to mid 80s ZZ Top LIVE rendition of La Grange, and then a
-recentish LIVE version, preferably ZZ Top Live – La Grange ; Tush Crossroads Guitar Festival
…..compared with some careful headphone listen-throughs of the 1973 recording.

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***BTW: In the YouTube video ZZ Top – ” La grange, Tush (Live In Montreux 2013) “, you can see Frank Beard doing the constant left hand shuffle-and it sounds nice (compared to other live versions where it sounds very un-accented).
In the Montreux vid there’s a lot of shots of him: He’s staring at his hand the entire time, as its not an easy riff to pull off!
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