Burn – Drum Cover with Fire Sticks – Ellie Goulding – Drumming With Fire (Brit Awards 2014 song)

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Drumming With Fire starts at 3:00
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Drumming With Fire is Dangerous DO NOT REATTEMPT

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• I’m Klaudia, self taught drummer. Been playing here for 4.5 years!
This song has a very personal meaning to me. So the lyrics and story of Faded by Alan Walker represent that something important has faded away. However for me, this song means the opposite: Kevin and I were listening to this song on repeat. I felt kind of down because I was wondering why I didn’t feel as pumped for drumming as I felt two years ago. We both were thinking and Kevin gave me the best motivational speech ever. What happened was that I got too caught up with the past. I really have to let it go, and let all the people go who did not believe in MY dreams. I got up, decided to write the drum parts directly and we ended up being outside for this one 🙂

So with this video, I would love to bring out a message to you and that is to STAY true to yourself, know who you are, and NEVER let other people influence what you do.

Film Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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Video produced by TheKays Productions
(Klaudia Czerwinska & Kevin Benis)


Alan Walker – Faded
Vocalist: Iselin Solheim

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