A-Team – Ed Sheeran – Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo) With Strumming Pattern

A-Team - Ed Sheeran - Easy Guitar Tutorial (No Capo) With Strumming Pattern

http://learnguitarfasttips.com – An easy guitar lesson for beginners who want to learn to play (and sing) “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran with easy chords and strumming, no capo and no bar chords.

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A-Team – Ed Sheeran – (No Capo) Beginner Guitar Tutorial



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Hi there, I’m Tomas Michaud founder of Real Guitar School. Today I wanna show you a quick and easy way to learn many songs. I’m gonna show you ten songs today but you can use this technique to learn many many songs. Watch to the very end because I have a technique that will multiply the effectiveness even more.

Today I’m gonna show you a technique that you can use to learn many, many songs and it is used often by street musicians or buskers as they say down under because I have to learn and remember many songs so it’s a fairly simple technique. You’ll gonna use right now just a few fingers. We’re gonna make chords with the D form, the C form or it’s actually a C add 9 or add 2 and the G form but don’t worry about the names of the chords right now. What I want you to do is just concentrate on the forms of the chords so make the D and put two fingers down, we’re gonna use these two fingers as anchors. It’s my pinky on the third fret first string and my third finger on the second string third fret. Then when I make the D it sounds like a D suspended but don’t worry about that for now and then we’re gonna move over here to the C form I’ll call it for now and then the G form so that’s the basis of this technique these three forms and you can use this to play many, many songs now you just deal with the feel and the strum. What makes this even better is if you use it to practice along with the videos on YouTube its really fun to practice along but also it’ll get you a sense of the feel which can really only get by just trying it and doing it as well as the chords that helps you to change on time and to get used to playing with the beat. So I’ll give you a list of songs that you can play on YouTube as well and I’ll show you how to adjust some of the keys there are on YouTube that you can play along.

Let start off with a simple song, how about Blowing in the Wind and we’re gonna start with the G. I’ll just play some part of the song to show you how it works. By the way, I’m no singer so I’ll keep the singing to a minimum and I’ll let you take care of that part. I’ll do just enough if you bear with me just to show you how it goes. Okay let start with Bob Dylan song Blowing in the Wind so starting on G (humming) C … back to G humming C to the D. I’ll go right there to the chords now – C DDD and to D G D C, stay on C back to G and to D.

Okay here’s something from John Denver – Leaving on a jet plane – now my bags are packed I’m ready to go (humming) and I’ll count on the chords – so I’m leaving on a jet plane don’t know when I’ll be back again, Oh babe I hate to go.

Here’s another Bob Dylan Knockin On Heaven’s Door –Knock, Knock Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Knock, Knock Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Knock, Knock Knockin On Heaven’s Door, that’s all the word that I know.
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