7 Scales/Modes for Guitar

This video accompanies a guitar lesson on my website, where you can learn more about this guitar scale method and download a PDF with each pattern notated:


Jump to 3:00 to skip the chatter and watch me play the 7 scale patterns.

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This guitar modes lesson shows you a really simple way to “unbox” your mode patterns allowing you to play any mode right across the fretboard. This is about visualising related mode positions and using their related patterns to extend the pattern of whatever mode you choose to play.

The video uses the example of D Dorian, but let’s take another example – F Mixolydian.

Using our knowledge that Mixolydian lies on the 5th degree of its parent major scale, we can use the 6th degree Aeolian pattern to extend the Mixolydian mode pattern. As we’re playing in F, the 6th degree pattern would be rooted on G, as the 6th degree lies one whole step up from the 5th degree.

It doesn’t matter what key you’re playing in, these relative positions always exist and always conform to the intervals of the major scale from that mode’s degree position.