The Guitar Grimoire: Scales and Modes

Carl Fisher Music Presents The Guitar Grimoire DVD Series: Scales and Modes
Ive had these books and DVDs for as long as Ive been playing guitar. They cover everything and are the most comprensevie and detailed of any series Ive ever owned. Now because of youtube, I can share it with the world. Let me know in the comments below if it helped you as much as it helped me!
And go buy the book! you won’t regret it I promise!
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At long last, the “Wizard” of the guitar reveals, in person, the mysteries of playing the guitar. This series offers guitar students the opportunity to see and hear Adam Kadmon reveal and demonstrate the techniques and understanding of the underlying structure of music that have helped make the books of The Guitar Grimoire among the best-selling guitar pedagogy publications of all time.
Part 1:The Guitar Grimoire: Scales and Modes
This DVD leaves no stone unturned in teaching you how to understand Scales and Modes right of the The Guitar Grimoire: Scales and Modes.
Lessons on: The Major Scale, Intervals, Scales, Modes, Transposing, Applying it to the Guitar, Patterns and Pattern Connection.

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