Basic Tips for Playing Funk Guitar


Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website…

Q). Can you go through a few basic tips regarding funk? I can’t seem to get the right guitar parts when it comes to this style. There seems to be a percussive idea in funk, but it also has that simple, spacious idea there as well. I’m just not too sure what I should think about when it comes to playing funk style. I hope you can offer me a few funky tips.
Norm — Quebec, CANADA

A). When it comes to funk, there’s an element that is very important which has a lot to do with waiting for your moment to play within the beat. Basically, it is vital to think a great deal about your sense of timing when you either play, or when you’ll be laying back. Plus, there’s the whole idea regarding anticipation, (which means accenting the weaker beats). Much of playing funk style involves building a feel with the drummer without getting in the way of each other. In this video I’d like to spend some time discussing two sides of funk.
#1). Developing funk’s popular 16th note strum & scratch pattern.
#2). The application of funky single-note string snaps.

In the video we’ll zoom in on the guitar neck and check out some of these concepts in detail with examples too!

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