Guitar Modes Finally Explained! Modal Playing, Jazz, Rock, Guitar Improvisation, Lesson

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Guitar Modes Explained & Made Easy Lesson Jazz Rock Funk Guitar Improvisation Soloing Guitar Lesson With Rex Pearson

Modes, The word often causes confusion with not just guitarists but all musicians! Its a shame because the concept of modes on guitar can unlock some completely unique sounds. Before you attempt this lessons you are expected to have done a little bit of work. You need to know all 7 positions of the major scale and also know them as the 7 modes Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aoelian, Locrian. This is a little exercise i developed to try and help people understand the concept of modal playing, here i try and explain how modes on guitar are not just scale shapes but that the sound of the same notes changes depending on the harmonic context, (the chord) Here we use a single note to represent the harmony, an open E and then we begin to explore the unique sound of each mode in an improvisation. Questions post em here!

I encourage you to take each lesson and try to develop the exercises rather than just learning what i have played to you. Try them out in different musical situations or try to develop your own variation. You will be surprised how creative you can be when you take these ideas as starting points.

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